About Conecuh Timber

We are a timber company formed in 1979 for the purpose of buying, managing and harvesting timber in southeastern U.S. Through the last 31 years we have evolved into a diversified operation offering not only the aforementioned services but also real estate services including sales and appraisals. We also specialize in assisting landowners in appraisals for estate planning and formulating cutting budgets to manage income and future growth for timber. We have developed our own software program to enable the landowner or investor  to make sound decisons on the growing and harvesting of their timber. We also offer chipping and grinding of biomass harvesting that benefits the landowner for usage of all of their products and will also save on site prep cost in many cases. Conecuh Timber continues to strive to be a leader in the forest industry making innovative changes and having new ideas as the market and demands for the landowner changes daily. We have professional forestors and timber buyers to assist you in any and all of your needs. Our staff of timber specialist includes:

Malcolm Smith, Camden, AL
Wayne Holley, Monroeville, AL
Will Cook, Evergreen, AL
Ray Blackmon, Greenville, AL
David Colquett, Monroeville, AL
Clayton Odum, Monroeville AL
Perry Lamb, Bay Minette, Al.



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