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It has been a long wet winter in Alabama. Every thing happens for a reason so we have seen some good come from the weather. We have seen record pulpwood prices on pine and hardwood. I am sure we have gotten rid of most of the bugs and insects that have not been going dormant in the past winters. I am also sure the peach trees should do well this summer as they need alot of cold weather to go dormant and make a good crop the following year.

We are now seeing some mills start up production again after beeing closed for a good while and a slight increase in log prices. We are hoping as spring moves to summer we will be able to get on tracts with logs that need cutting. Lets everyone hope and pray that our markets will stabilize and the landowners and loggers can make some money once again. Pulpwood prices are stabilizing and getting back to normal for this time of year.

Not good news for fuelwood chips and the BCAP program. It has been put on hold and noone knows how long. It was short lived but everyond that participated could see how beneficial it could be if utilized correctly. The fuelwood market is over produced for now so we will see some changes and probably some producers not surviving this downturn. We hope the government will figure out somthing that will be fair for everyone and let someone other that just farmers receive a subsidy for their crops. Pine trees are crops and it is time it is recognized accordingly.

Thanks for checking in and give us a call if we can help. Terry Chapman